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 Lin Webb at 1nfluence driver training offers access to the Confident Drivers resources to all students included in the price of driving lessons making them a great choice as a driving instructor for nervous drivers in Edenbridge, Kent.

Lin has experienced anxiety, lack of confidence and PTSD herself in the last 30 years. She uses her unique insight, together with 25 years as a Driving Instructor, to work with you to develop effective coping strategies and help you overcome any driving worries you have.  Specialist driver training in an automatic car, supporting those with high anxiety and learning differences.

Lin has attended the Confident Drivers Advanced Driving Instructors course for Nervous Drivers and the Drive Calm system, and Tourette's friendly training so is highly recommended by us!

Choose this driving instructor and alongside great driving lessons, you will also be given stress management solutions and e-learning courses to help transform the way you feel about driving.

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Edenbridge, Kent


07780 708 706