Meet the people behind Confident Drivers

Every year thousands of potential new drivers struggle to gain their license due to nerves and stress. 
It is this that has led to the story behind Confident Drivers which is designed to support both ADIs and learners to conquer their nerves, control their anxiety and develop confidence on the road.  
The website and its resources have been created by husband and wife team Kev and Tracey with some help from hypnotherapist Joline.

Tracey Field
Tracey FieldCo Founder
I am a trained mindfulness teacher qualified in stress management techniques as well as being a psychology student with the Open University. In my day job, I'm a holistic therapist working with cancer patients in a private medical clinic and I enjoy applying my knowledge and experience of stress management into different situations and settings. While I am not a driving instructor I have been actively involved in the driver training industry for several years supporting Kev and his business as well as writing articles and giving talks to help driving instructors to support their nervous students.
Kev Field
Kev FieldCo Founder
I am an experienced instructor and ADI trainer of over ten years and I wanted to find a way to support my pupils and offer a better learning experience. My experience in the driver training industry includes being a Grade A instructor, ORDIT registered, I'm one of a handful of people that delivers the BTEC4 on behalf of the Tri-Coaching Partnership as well as being a Driver Metrics trainer. In recent years I have trained with the Coaching Academy to become a personal development and business coach and NLP practitioner and aim to inspire and encourage others, through my passion of coaching, so that they can improve in the areas that are important to them. For more information about coaching go to
Joline Saunders
Joline SaundersClinical hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner[email protected]
I created the two hypnotherapy audios on the website and I help people overcome anxiety issues. Whether you have had a stressful or traumatic experience in the past and you haven’t been the same since, or your nerves are getting in the way of you performing well – we can work together to help you overcome it easily and comfortably. Working from a clinic Moreton-in-Marsh in the beautiful Cotswolds and also online by Skype or Zoom, I love helping people overcome whatever has been holding them back from achieving happiness. To work with me on a one-to-one basis visit my website

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Confident Drivers was awarded 2nd place by The Open University for the New Business Challenge 2019 Student Entrepreneurship Competition.  Here is a short promo video they created with Tracey about the story behind Confident Drivers.

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