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Thank you for listening to our talk!

Thank you for listening to us speak at the most recent event, we hope you enjoyed our talk and found it helpful.  If you did, then you may also find our social media channels and podcast helpful for both you and your students too and you can find all of the details below.  

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Best wishes

Kev & Tracey

Download the Standards Check / Part 3 Coaching Wheel

You can download the pdf version of the standards check/part 3 coaching wheel by clicking here: Click to Download

You can watch the video about how to use the coaching wheel below:

(note the video shows the driving test wheel but the process is the same)


Driving Test Coaching Wheel

Download the driving test coaching wheel - Click to download here



This one hour webinar is for you if you would you like to:

  • Be able to list the main neurodiverse conditions and the set of strengths common to each condition
  • Understand the concept of neurodiversity
  • Explore the common myths around neurodiversity
  • Discover perception stereotypes
  • How time at school impacts self-esteem and confidence
  • Discover the link between unsupported neurodiverse conditions and mental health disorders

Independently Accredited by The CPD Standards Office

CPD Accreditation Certificate

Digital Guide

Cost £27


This online workshop is for you if you would you like to:

  • Ask nervous drivers effective questions to identify the best techniques to calm their anxiety.
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of driving nerves.
  • Follow a simple process that will give your students confidence in your recommendations.
  • Spend less time in lessons dealing with students' nerves because you have an effective process to use.

LIfetime access

Cost £27


This course is for you if you've already completed the ADI Nervous Drivers Calming Kit  and you would you like to go more in-depth and find out:

  • The process we use when working one-to-one with nervous drivers
  • The questions we ask, why and the flags we are looking for?
  • The psych questionnaire we use and how to score it?
  • The psychological theory we use to boost confidence and how you can apply that to lessons?

Lifetime access

Option to upgrade to the Drive with Confidence qualification 

Cost £447 

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The Driving Confidence Podcast

We created this podcast for those struggling with driving anxiety who want to be calm and confident on the road, as we believe that everyone can learn the skills to build their driving confidence.

Whether you are a learner driver, a new driver or have been driving for years, this podcast will help you to beat driving nerves and anxiety and build your driving confidence.

Co-hosted by Kev & Tracey Field, we are the only UK podcast offering a mix of stress management, confidence building, and driving know-how.

Each Driving Confidence podcast episode offers bite-sized information, tips, real-life stories and ideas that are relatable and achievable to help you manage your driving nerves or anxiety and reassure you that you are not alone in a world of seemingly confident drivers.


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