Change the way your feel about driving with our One to One Package!

Are you a learner driver who is struggling to manage driving nerves or anxiety?

Or have you passed your driving test but feel nervous or anxious about driving alone?

We can offer you a more personalised approach to help you understand more about why you feel this way and can offer our recommendations on which techniques might be the most effective for you with our One to One package.

The One to One package includes:

One Month access to our Nervous Drivers Calming Kit

 Psychological questionnaire and Driving related questions to answer in advance of call

Short Report outlining our recommendations

 Two 30 minute coaching sessions with Kev

Coaching for Driving Confidence

Kev is a personal development and business coach as well as being a highly respected ORDIT registered ADI which means he not only teaches people to drive but also develops driving instructors to be the best they can be.  

Kev is able to combine his coaching with his in-depth knowledge of driving tuition to help you set driving goals, identify any gaps in your driving knowledge and understanding and challenge unhelpful thinking and beliefs that may be the cause of nerves and anxiety.  

This package includes two coaching sessions with Kev but can be varied for each individual to continue with a series of coaching calls if required. 

We send out a pre-call consultation sheet that asks questions about your individual driving circumstances and situation so that we have most of the relevant information in advance of the call.  This ensures that the 30 minutes can be used as a coaching session.

The first coaching call will then be followed up afterwards with our recommendations for the most effective strategies to help you based on your circumstances.    

This package includes one month's access to the Nervous Drivers Calming kit which includes video guides as well as stress management techniques such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, NLP, hypnotherapy, relaxation exercises, imagery, self-talk exercises, TFT meridian tapping videos and more coaching exercises.


One to One Coaching for Driving Confidence

  • Two 30 minute coaching sessions
  • Two questionnaires
  • Mini Recommendation Report
  • One month's access to Nervous Drivers Calming Kit
  • *PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to 48 working hours for us to make a personal contact with you

Confident drivers has been a really useful tool in changing my attitude to the driving test. I hadn't recognised just how much my negative thoughts about my ability rather than my actual driving ability have been holding me back and putting me off.

Tracey and Kev are so kind and I found them extremely informative. I found the advice they gave me as a learner driver invaluable. I was an extremely nervous driver following a road traffic accident and they were able to guide me through my anxiety to get to a place where I was able to pass my test. The resources they created were really helpful, I particularly enjoyed the tapping videos. I have already recommended it to lots of my friends!

Absolutely brilliant - everything you need in one place to help with stress, anxiety and nerves not only for driving but in life too.


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