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Would you like a toolkit of tips, guides and techniques created by experts to help nervous or anxious drivers?

Buy our Nervous Drivers Calming Kit for just £27 and get immediate access to all the tools you need to master your driving anxiety.

The only thing stopping you from being able to jump in the car and go where you want, whenever you want is your driving confidence, and luckily we can help with that!

driving anxiety

Stop the endless searching on social media for tips on driving anxiety and use our one-stop shop for everything related to self-help for driving nerves, fears, anxiety and confidence.  

We know how awful it feels to have your opportunities limited by not being able to drive confidently. You feel disappointed and frustrated because you don’t feel able to jump in the car and drive wherever you want to like everybody else. You want so badly to overcome driving anxiety, because you know then you’d be able to apply for that new job in the next town, go on a road trip or just go for your favourite drive-thru!

You’ve tried every trick in the book, from telling yourself to keep calm (like that ever works) to eating loads of bananas, but now you’re looking to get serious about taking control of your driving anxiety and making your driving dreams a reality. 

We’ve got all the help you can use in our Nervous Drivers Calming kit which you can access online immediately. Learn to build your driving confidence step by step so you can become a calmer, safer more confident driver.

If you are ready to take action, buy here to get the ball rolling!

bananas for driving test nerves

We’ve designed a simple process that allows you to ask yourself the best questions to uncover what is behind your driving fears.  Based on psychological theories and our own experience, we will show you which questions to ask yourself SO YOU CAN go straight to the most effective tools for you based on your answers. Saving you time and effort and avoiding that disheartening uncertainty of trying out random suggestions from strangers on social media.

“Absolutely brilliant - everything you need in one place to help with stress, anxiety and nerves not only for driving but in life too”

Many learners and new drivers struggle with feeling confident in their driving ability, either to pass their driving test or in those early days of driving alone once they have passed. Maybe you’ve experienced this too? 

That’s why we started Confident Drivers.  We help drivers who are lacking the confidence to explore why they feel the way they do about driving and start to become more confident behind the wheel using coaching tools, stress management techniques, video guides and audio.

“Confident Drivers has been a really useful tool in changing my attitude to the driving test. I hadn't recognised just how much my negative thoughts about my ability rather than my actual driving ability have been holding me back and putting me off. I particularly liked the quick fix section that gives you strategies to calm down just before the test!”

Since 2017 we’ve worked with over 150 driving instructors to help them support more than 4000 students to build their confidence while learning to drive. 

When you buy the Nervous Drivers Calming Kit you will no longer feel as if you are the only person who struggles with how you feel about driving.

Instead, you will begin to understand more about your driving stressors and have the tools and techniques to actively manage them, while building your confidence at the same time.

“Tracey and Kev are so kind and I found them extremely informative. I found the advice they gave me as a learner driver invaluable. I was an extremely nervous driver following a road traffic accident and they were able to guide me through my anxiety to get to a place where I was able to pass my test”

Once you purchase the Nervous Drivers Calming Kit

First, you’ll watch our introduction video guide to work out which specific guides to watch next.

Next, you’ll watch the specific guides based on your answers so that can learn which techniques on the website will be most effective for you.

Then you’ll head straight to the most effective techniques for you so that you can start learning and creating your own driving confidence-building plan.

Finally, you’ll know exactly which techniques to practise, knowing how and why they work for you, which will allow you to drive calmly, safely and best of all, wherever and whenever you want.

Nervous drivers steps to driving confidence

Nervous Drivers Calming Kit

Our Nervous Drivers Calming Kit includes video guides asking you key questions about your driving nerves as well as stress management techniques to help you finally tackle your driving anxiety.  The Kit includes the techniques featured below and more.  Access to all the resources is online.

positive self talk

These plans are created specifically for drivers and learner drivers looking for online solutions to manage driving nerves and anxiety.  We also have a range of group plans created for driving instructors who would like to offer support offroad to their learner drivers, you can find more details on our ADI page.

One Month

  • 8 Stress Management Techniques
  • Video Guide recommendations
  • Online Courses
  • Created by industry experts
  • Renew or Upgrade anytime


  • 8 Stress Management Techniques
  • Video Guide recommendations
  • Online Courses
  • Created by industry experts
  • Great value 12 months access

Are you ready to transform how you feel about driving SO YOU CAN take advantage of the opportunities that having a driving license gives you? This will allow you to drive calmly, safely and best of all, wherever and whenever you want.

Imagine waking up in the morning and deciding to visit friends and family, head to your favourtie place and, to your absolute amazement thoughts and concerns about driving don’t even enter your head. This, and more, is possible for you if you make the decision to dedicate some time and effort into changing your driving mindset.

The Nervous Drivers Calming Kit is for you if:

You are a learner driver, or a qualified driver

You would like to build your driving confidence

You are willing to set aside some time each week to focus on your driving goals

Note, this is not for you if you were looking for a magic wand so you didn't need to do anything!

“Some really impressive ways to stay calm when it comes to the big day. Just looking to see other parts of the Confident Drivers programme as I haven't finished fully yet. And because I have picked up some amazing techniques and more to come I'm feeling soo much more confident then ever.”


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