Do you struggle with Driving Test Nerves?

Or do you feel anxious or nervous when you drive and avoid certain stressful situations?

If you answered yes then our website has been developed especially with you in mind. And you are not alone!

According to the Department of Transport 53% of learners fail their first driving test and a survey carried out by the AA suggests that driving test nerves directly affect 44% of learners driving on their test. Another survey by Lloyds car insurance suggests that 70% of motorists experience anxiety in difficult driving situations after they've passed their test.

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8 Different Techniques

8 Self-help techniques to manage stress, nerves & anxiety and help build your confidence

Pick and Mix

Mix and match the techniques that suit you and create your unique toolkit to help banish nerves

Safer Drivers

Road safety research shows understanding how your thoughts affect your behaviour makes you a safer driver


We offer a range of online courses on the Moodle e-learning platform

Confident Drivers provides resources, support and techniques to reduce stress and nerves.
Improve confidence and control during driving lessons, banish driving test nerves and become a safer driver.

You will get a selection of exercises, audio and video files in a variety of techniques, allowing you to trial and choose the ones that work best for you. One size does not fit all - you will have access to relaxation, imagery, breathing exercises, TFT Meridian tapping and more.

Our hypnotherapy audios are specifically tailored for Driving Confidence and Driving Test Nerves.

You will also get a SIX Week Introduction to Mindfulness course - learning skills you can use in stressful situations throughout your life.

Hear what some of The Driving Academy's students have to say about how Confident Drivers has helped them with driving test nerves

Our latest learner driver reviews on Trustpilot:

Choose one or both of our FREE tools to help you become a more confident driver

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If you have your driving test coming up soon make sure you read our Ultimate Guide to Driving Test Nerves

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Book a call with Tracey at Confident Drivers to discuss your current driving situation, what is happening and how it is impacting on your driving or driving lessons.  Tracey is trained in a variety of stress management techniques as well as being a mindfulness teacher.  Before your one-to-one session we will email you some questions to answer in advance so that you can get the most out of your session to help identify which techniques and strategies are likely to be most useful for you and your situation.
If the times do not suit you please get in touch to arrange an alternative!

Call duration: 30 mins
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Our Online Courses

Driving Test Preparation

Learn more about how to prepare for your driving test

Top Tips for Nerves

If you suffer from driving nerves try our mini course that includes our top tips from across all the techniques

Attention, memory and learning

This short course explores the impact of stress on memory and attention. If you struggle to concentrate in lessons or keep forgetting between lessons this course is for you

Understanding Stress

Part One of our understanding stress course explores why we react in certain ways and what we can do to retrain our brain

More about stress

Part Two of our understanding stress course looks at the different types of stress, learning and performance

6-week Mindfulness course

Our mindfulness course has been created with a driving theme to help you learn more about attention, unhelpful thinking, managing emotions and gaining perspective

Useful Resources for Learners

Colour Academy Theory Test colouring bookTheory Test colouring bookmemorise crossings with colour

Colour Academy

Pass your theory test first time with this educational colouring book. The unique layout helps to explain complex driving scenarios visually and memorise through colour. Find out more on their site colouracademybooks.com

L of a Way to Pass


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