Ways to keep learning when you are unable to have driving lessons

keeping learning when driving lessons have stopped
National lockdown three has resulted in driving lessons, theory tests and practical driving tests being suspended again until mid-February at the earliest, potentially later.  
* All tests between these dates are now cancelled and the DVSA will contact individuals affected with an alternative date and time.  
* At the current time there are no keyworker driving lessons and tests.
Driving tests were cancelled for several months in the first lockdown and resumed on 22nd July 2020 creating a backlog of those who had driving tests cancelled and a waiting list for those yet to book.  This was repeated on a smaller scale during the second lockdown in November.  Driving lessons resumed for most areas with new COVID regulations changing the way driving instructors work resulting in waiting lists for lessons as well as disruption to lessons and tests depending on the infection rate in your area. This means your driving goals are likely to need to be more flexible in 2021.
So how can you keep learning and feel prepared for your driving lessons and test when your driving instructor can't give your driving lessons? Here are our top tips on how to keep learning.

Driving lesson advice during Covid-19 lockdown

Driving tests were suspended and anyone who had their test cancelled will be automatically contacted to book a new date for their test by the DVSA.  Keep checking your emails, including your junk/spam folder.   

Current guidance as of 5th November is that family members are only able to supervise private driving lesson practice on essential journeys that would have taken place anyway, such as driving to/from supermarket, place of work, place of education.  We strongly advise that you seek guidance from your insurance provider to ensure your insurance is valid before supervising driving practice.  See our article on parents giving driving lessons for our tips and advice for a stress-free experience. 

Choose one or both of our FREE tools to help you become a more confident driver

Ten Days to Beat Driving Test Nerves!

Ten Days to Beat Driving Test Nerves!

Try our FREE driving test nerves course with videos, exercises and advice to help you quickly and easily overcome driving test nerves!

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Calm your nerves or anxiety before your driving test?

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If you have a driving test coming up soon you might find our Ultimate Guide to Driving Test Nerves useful.

Theory Test training

Theory tests have also been cancelled. This will cause problems for those of you whose theory test runs out shortly as you will have to take it again if it runs out before you can pass your practical driving test.   For those of you who have not taken your theory test yet as it will delay you passing your driving test. We recommend using this time to practise your theory test training to ensure you the best chance of passing your theory and keeping your driving goals on track. If you have already passed your theory then revisiting the training and practise is still a useful way of maintaining your driving skills between driving lessons. Go Theory offers a limited resource that you can get started on for free.

driving theory test practice

Try our online driving lessons!

Each online Zoom session lasts for one hour and focuses on a different topic, helping you to:

* Gain a better understanding of roadcraft, which you can then apply later in-car

* Identify gaps in your road knowledge and understanding

* Consider and think about different driving scenarios 

* Improve and inform your decision making and choices while driving

* Learn about driving from a different perspective which can then be applied in-car

The sessions will be run by Kev Field who is co-founder of Confident Drivers, a personal development and business coach as well as being one of the most qualified, A-rated driving instructors and driving instructor trainers in the United Kingdom.

Find out more about online driving lessons

Moving Off and Stopping

Moving Off and Stopping

In this lesson we will look at the following:

What to do before your first lesson?
How to choose the right area?
How to make your first lesson a success?
What to do after your lesson?

Next Date: Thurs 18th Feb 6.30 pm

Cost £10

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Basic Junctions

Basic Junctions

In this lesson we will look at the following:
Junctions to turn left and right
Emerging from a junction to left and right
Open, closed, and STOP junctions

Next Date: Thurs 25th Feb 6.30 pm

Cost £10

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Emergency Stop & Hazard perception

Emergency Stop & Hazard perception

In this lesson we will cover the following:

What makes a good driver?
How to avoid an emergency stop?
How to complete an emergency stop?
What is hazard perception?

Next Date: Thurs 4th Mar 6.30 pm

Cost £10

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Complete a reflective log

Catch up with reflection and planning ready to restart driving lessons If your driving instructor uses a reflective log in your lessons catch up with a reflection on your last driving lesson and set some goals for when driving lessons resume. Confident Drivers subscribers can download an in-depth learning log to reflect on future lessons and how to prepare to achieve your future driving goals. Learn more about what else is included in a subscription for learner drivers.

driving lesson reflective log

Best books to read while driving lessons have stopped

We know how frustrating it is now that driving lessons have stopped. But learning does not need to. Why not use the time before restarting your lessons to prepare and learn more about the rules of the road. It will keep your current knowledge refreshed and you will feel ready to get back behind the wheel for lessons and pass your driving test.

Learn to drive Apps to try

We haven't trialled these ourselves but certainly the Official DVSA apps would be a good investment while you wait for driving lessons to restart


The Official DVSA Theory Test & Hazard Perception

£6.99 for the two apps in the bundle saving you 99p on the individual cost


Learn to Drive

Learn driving with 3D animations. Free taster with In-App purchases


Learn to Drive: Roundabouts

Cost £3.99  We know that roundabouts are a source of anxiety for many learners so why not learn the theory of roundabouts using this app between lessons.


Sim Drive

Cost £4.99 
Driving Test simulation app for London test centres

Use the Confident Drivers Coaching wheel

We normally suggest the coaching wheel as a tool to help you manage driving test nerves. Instead, you can use the coaching wheel to help you identify which areas of driving you would like to learn more about before restarting driving lessons. You can then use this as a study plan while learning about roadcraft, observing other people's driving or watching your driving instructors YouTube videos on manoeuvres.  See the request box earlier in this article.

Using observations to practice

While nothing replaces experience from a driving lesson you can also begin learning or consolidate what you already know through observations. Observations and demonstrations are one of the key factors known to help build confidence. You can read more about other factors in our blog about driving confidence and Bandura's Theory of Self Efficacy. Does your driving instructor provide driving videos that you can watch on YouTube? Do any other local instructors? Can you learn by observing while you are a passenger? Alternatively, why not try this animated online driving lessons simulator to fill in the gaps while your driving lessons have stopped.


animated driving lessons

Review your driving instructor

Your driving instructor is going through a really tough time right now as a self-employed person who can no longer run their business and has zero income. To help ensure your driving instructor is able to return to giving driving lessons in the future and help you achieve your driving goal please take a few moments to leave them a positive review. If they have their business listed on Google this will be the best place to review them, if not then leave a review on their social media pages. It will give you both a positive happy feeling!

Practice with a household member

Social distancing suggests that you should avoid being within 2 metres of other people outside of your household. This makes lessons with your driving instructor difficult so maybe you could consider practising your driving with household members instead (Please note this does not apply during lockdown when only essential trips are allowed). Before you start private driving practice read our advice for parents giving driving lessons first. MyFirstUK are offering £100 off learner driver insurance using the code CONFIDENT DRIVERS which sounds like a great way to retain your driving skills between driving lessons.

learner driver insurance

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What others are saying

Read more of our reviews from happy learner drivers who have used our stress management techniques to help them on Trustpilot

It's great to have a website offering fantastic techniques to assist with the challenges of driving. The website recognises the fact that learning to drive can be stressful and there are strategies to help with this. The website's name, 'CONFIDENT Drivers' is what a learner is aspiring to be, so it's very positive. The techniques also apply to building general confidence in all walks of life, so useful again. Thank you!

I was so pleased when my instructor signed me up for Confident Driver. I loved the hypnosis sessions & I recently passed first time with one fault. Recommend 100%

Confident drivers has been a really useful tool in changing my attitude to the driving test. I hadn't recognised just how much my negative thoughts about my ability rather than my actual driving ability have been holding me back and putting me off. I particularly liked the quick fix section that gives you strategies to calm down just before the test!

Nervous Drivers Calming Kit

If you would like some self-help stress management resources to help you tackle your driving anxiety and improve driving confidence then our calming kit is created by leading industry experts especially for you.  Access to all the resources is online.

positive self talk

These plans are created specifically for drivers and learner drivers looking for online solutions to manage driving nerves and anxiety.  We also have a range of group plans created for driving instructors who would like to offer support offroad to their learner drivers, you can find more details on our ADI page.

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The Driving Confidence Podcast

driving confidence podcast

We created this podcast for drivers who want to be calm and confident on the road. Whether you are a learner driver, a new driver or have been driving for years, this podcast will help you to beat driving nerves and anxiety and build your driving confidence.

Co-hosted by Kev & Tracey Field, each Driving Confidence podcast episode offers bite-sized information and ideas that are both relatable and achievable to help you manage your driving nerves or anxiety and transform how you feel about driving.

Listen On:

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Articles, Help and Advice for Learner Drivers

Take a browse around our blog for articles written to help learner drivers and driving instructors recognise the most common reasons for experiencing driving nerves and confidence issues.  Each article offers strategies and suggestions that may help you.

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