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Ultimate Guide to beating Driving Test Nerves

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Hypnotherapy for Driving Test Nerves

If you struggle with driving anxiety or driving test nerves you may well have wondered if hypnotherapy can help.  Joline Saunders is the hypnotherapist we approached about this issue and Joline has created two hypnosis tracks especially for users of Confident Drivers which are available with a Confident Drivers subscription.

Try the driving confidence self-hypnosis audio if you feel nervous in your driving lessons or if you are a nervous driver who has already passed their test. Or if you have your driving test booked and the nerves are beginning to kick in start to listen regularly to the driving test nerves hypnosis audio in the run up to your test. Many of our subscribers listen to our audios the night before a driving test to calm nerves and get a good nights sleep.

Go to our help for learner driver nerves page to learn more about what else is included in a subscription alongside our driving self-hypnosis audios. We asked Joline for her top tips for driving test nerves to use alongside hypnotherapy and here is her blog: