tips for driving instructors

Tips for Driving Instructors to help pupils with driving test nerves

Most learner drivers experience nerves on the day of their driving test so here is our advice on how driving instructors can help their pupils calm nerves to keep them at a manageable level.  Experiencing nerves before a test or assessment is a conditioned automatic response based on our past experiences of similar situations. This is why we all experience different levels of nerves because we have all had different past experiences.

learner driver stress

How does stress influence a learner drivers behaviour?

In other articles we have covered stress, the three emotional systems and learning zones. So how does all this theory about stress, emotions and learning influence a learners driving during lessons? We can take a learner driver at a roundabout as an example.

learning drive stress

Why is learning to drive stressful?

The word stress has become part of our everyday language with people using it to describe themselves, work or modern life.   It is not unusual to hear learner drivers describe learning to drive as stressful.  Even many qualified drivers describe driving as stressful, especially if driving somewhere new.  A Lloyds car insurance survey suggests that 70% of motorists experience anxiety in difficult driving situations after they've passed their test.  So what is it that makes driving stressful for some?