driving lesson engagement

Do you get the most out of your driving lessons?

 Have you ever been in a lesson at school, college or university or a work training course, fitness class, driving lesson or even accessing this website and secretly decided you can not be bothered?  You go through the motions, do just enough - or maybe you don't, and as a result, you don't achieve anything and feel that you've wasted your time.

This action of being consciously aware and in control of how much you are going to actively participate with something is called reflexivity.  We've all been there, some days you just do not feel like it, however when you go through the motions anyway you just end up feeling more fed up and negative.  Unsurprisingly research has found that those individuals who consciously decide to take part or engage in a situation are much more likely to have a positive experience and achieve more as a result.

So are you getting the most out of your driving lesson or the resources on this website?  

Or are you just going through the motions and realising that nothing is changing?

Experts believe that the quality of your participation has an effect on the outcome so next time you don't feel in the mood for your driving lesson, but you also do not want to waste your time and money, try reminding or asking yourself:

Why did I choose to learn to drive?

What are the benefits of driving?

How will it be useful to me?

What would I like to achieve in the next lesson?

How would it feel to actively take part and give it a go?

How has it felt before when I have engaged with a lesson?

And then see whether choosing to engage and participate can give you a different result.

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