limiting beliefs about driving

Are your Limiting Beliefs affecting your driving?

 According to Jack Handey "A belief is just a thought that you think over and over again"

Have you ever stopped to take notice of what your beliefs about your driving or passing your driving test are?  

Are your beliefs holding you back and stopping you from achieving your goal of being a safe, calm and confident driver?  If so then you may be experiencing what is known as limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs often start with phrases such as I don't, I can't, I mustn't, I am not, Others will.

Limiting beliefs can be the result of:

past experiences,

what we have been taught or told by others,

as a defence or safety net against fear,

as an excuse,

or even because of faulty reasoning or logic.  

Think about what you say to yourself about driving or passing your test.  You may have lots of reasons or explanations that sound perfectly reasonable and valid for why you are not confident while driving. However, if they are holding you back and stopping you from achieving or aiming for your goal, then they are limiting beliefs.  Recognising that these are limitations that we have created ourselves are getting in the way of what you want, is the first step towards choosing to break them down.

As a driving instructor, I am often told by my learners, "I can't pass my test!".

This is when we explore, through different coaching techniques, what the belief is, where it has come from, we question whether the belief is really true and break the goal of passing the test into smaller, easy to manage goals.  The coaching section of the website has information about goal setting, using mind maps and recognising limiting beliefs to help you begin the process of making sure your limiting beliefs are not holding you back from your driving goals. 

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