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Do you want to support your more nervous and anxious pupils?

As an ADI you will come across many nervous pupils - struggling with anxiety during lessons, or suffering from high levels of stress during driving tests.

Do you want to know more ways that you can improve and support their self-confidence helping them to become confident drivers?  Stand out from your peers with the option to offer off road support to your nervous pupils, with a Confident Driver membership.

Either subscribe to an ADI group plan on behalf of your learners - or simply refer them to the site to subscribe themselves by becoming an affiliate

Flexible Group Options

Choose between 50, 75 & 100 learners and upgrade your plan as your business grows

8 Different Techniques

Offer learners free access to techniques commonly used to manage nerves

Marketing Help

We offer free marketing resources such as leaflets, promo videos & links


For the Intelligent Instructor 2019 Product of the Year award

Subscribe to the group plan that suits your business best and start supporting your nervous pupils!

ADI Monthly

£10 Month

  • 100 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • FREE Marketing resources
  • Discount for MSA Members

ADI 50

£60 Year

  • 50 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • FREE Marketing resources
  • Discount for MSA Members

adi 75

£70 Year

  • 75 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • FREE Marketing resources
  • Discount for MSA Members

adi 100

£80 Year

  • 100 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • FREE Marketing resources
  • Discount for MSA Members

MSA Members should check the MSA website to obtain the relevant discount code.
Franchises: Over 100 learners?  Get in touch to discuss personalised options.

Support your nervous pupils

As an experienced ADI you already know how to develop the driving abilities of your pupils.  Supporting them to control anxiety and nerves requires a different skill set.  With a Confident Driver membership you will have the knowledge and psychological techniques you need.

Sign students up to your group plan so that they can access the resources and work through them at their own pace at home.  Alternatively by becoming familiar with the techniques yourself you will be well placed to make suggestions to your pupils on areas to focus on. For example, if you notice a pupil has a tendency to be self-critical, you might suggest they look at the self-talk section and together you can agree on some new positive phrasing that you can both use during lessons.

What other ADIs are saying:

Driving Instructor Survey

Driving Instructor Survey

We are looking for ADIs to help us with our survey about nervous drivers. You do not need to be a subscriber to take part so please share the link to others. We would like to know how many nervous learners you have, how nervous they are and if you think it impacts on the number of driving tests they take to pass. All information given is anonymous and confidential

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CPD Workshops for ADIs

Calming the Anxious Mind

This one day workshop for ADIs and PDIs is run by Keith Woodward and explores ways of overcoming anxiety

Useful Resources for ADIs


GoRoadie is an online platform connecting ADIs and Learners. It is free to sign up and create your business profile and you pay to unlock the referrals you accept - and your first one is free! Find out more on their site GoRoadie.com

Tri-Coaching Partnership

Tri-Coaching Partnership offer something for all your development needs, from training to be an ADI, help with your Standards check and the BTEC4 Coaching for Driver Development. Find out more on their site tri-coachingpartnership.com

Disability Driving Instructors

Disability Driving Instructors has been set up to provide information and advice for disabled people wishing to learn or return to driving. Find out more on their site disabilitydrivinginstructors.com

Driving School Development

Martin and Maria Leather from Driving School Development run one day CPD courses in business development to help ADIs boost their income. Find out more on their site drivingschooldevelopment.co.uk

Colour Academy Theory Test colouring book

Colour Academy

Pass your theory test first time with this educational colouring book. The unique layout helps to explain complex driving scenarios visually and memorise through colour. Find out more on their site colouracademybooks.com

Colour Academy Theory Test colouring book

L of A Way to Pass

Diane Hall's e-book is written for learners and ADIs with plenty of advice on how to combat nerves while driving or taking your test. Find out more on newdriverprogramme.com

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