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Are you a Driving Instructor who would like to support your more nervous and anxious pupils?

As an ADI you will come across many nervous pupils - struggling with anxiety during lessons, or suffering from high levels of stress during driving tests.

Do you want to know more ways that you can improve and support their self-confidence helping them to become confident drivers?  Stand out from your peers with the option to offer off-road support to your nervous pupils, with a Confident Drivers ADI group membership.

Subscription benefits

Flexible Group

Choose between 50, 75 & 100 learners and upgrade your plan as your business grows


Online courses on the Moodle e-learning platform

8 Different Techniques

Offer your learners access to effective techniques to manage nerves

Marketing Help

Free marketing resources such as promo & How To videos & links

Driving School
learning hub

Create your driving school learning hub with your own documents, resources & videos


For the Intelligent Instructor 2019 Product of the Year award

What is included to calm your students driving test nerves:

Four relaxation audios 
Three ways to use imagery techniques 
A range of breathing exercises and a breathing audio
Positive self-talk tools, exercises and techniques to manage negative thinking 
Four TFT Meridian tapping videos for different emotions and feelings 
A range of Coaching & NLP tools and techniques to help plan and change the driving mindset
Two hypnotherapy audios specifically tailored for Driving Confidence and Driving Test Nerves.
A SIX Week Introduction to Mindfulness course - learning transferable skills for stressful situations throughout life.

All of these tools work effectively to calm driving test nerves and anxiety.  Combined with your student's motivation to overcome their nerves, they can transform the way they feel about driving!

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How does it work?

Invite your students - Add your student's name and email address to your group plan and they will receive a welcome email with their login details and links to get started immediately.  

Add a text - If you add a students mobile number as well, they will also get a text prompt.

Print/laminate the downloadables - ADIs who are making the most of their subscription use the downloadable resources in lessons with their students. Downloads include two variations of the Coaching Wheel, a Reflective learning log and a Challenging negative thoughts log.  We find that students are more likely to engage if they see their driving instructor engaging with the materials too.

Advertise that students get access - Don't keep your subscription a secret!  Use Confident Drivers as a way to market your business.

Remind students to use their account - Send email reminders from your group membership.

Celebrate test pass success - Tag us in test pass posts on your social media and we will share your post.

Make space in your group - Your student group limit is a rolling figure, so when a student passes, delete them from your group to make space for a new student.

Subscribing to an ADI group plan allows you to offer your learners access to all the resources on Confident Drivers as part of their driving lessons with you. In a similar way that you may be offering theory test training. This is a great marketing selling point for your business, adding extra value to your lessons and allowing you to charge at the higher range of lesson prices for your area.

If you would prefer to keep your business costs low, you can still support your learners by simply referring them to the Confident Drivers website as a recommended resource.
Your learners can subscribe themselves to our free driving test nerves course or upgrade to an individual subscription to access our full resources to help them manage driving nerves and anxiety. 
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You can add images to your website and earn 10% commission by becoming an affiliate.  You can still become an affiliate without subscribing for an ADI group plan.

What others are saying

Read more of our reviews from happy ADIs on Trustpilot

I came across Confident Drivers last night. I then decided to sign up this morning. I am glad I have its FAB, plenty of resources to help me and my students, and well worth the monthly cost.

I have been using the Confident Drivers website for a year now. It is my go to place of ADI reference when I am assisting a more nervous / anxious client /stressed during their learning to drive journey or test day nerves. The coaching wheel is my favourite coaching tool, my clients love watching their wheel evolve.

Confident Drivers provide an excellent service to both Learners and Driving Instructors. My learners have enjoyed the wealth of information and techniques to help them feel confident when driving or taking their driving test. I am seeing some really positive results in the learners that have used these resources.

I own a driving school and we provide access to Confident Drivers for all of our instructors so they can enrol their clients as required. It's an excellent franchise benefit and the feedback has been extremely positive from ADIs and learners alike.

This is a fantastic website, I would highly recommend it for anyone taking their part 3 exam to become a driving instructor. It helped me stay calm and relaxed leading up to my date and assisted with staying positive. 

I also use it for my students, they too have found it supportive. Thank you

Pupils love it and I've found it very useful myself. A great resource for people and not just drivers.

Best Group Plans For Driving Instructors

These plans are created specifically for driving instructors and their students.  We also have a range of individual plans created for learner drivers, you can find more details on our Learner Driver page.

ADI monthly

  • 100 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • Created by industry experts
  • Free Marketing resources

ADI 50

  • 50 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • Created by industry experts
  • Free Marketing resources

ADI 75

  • 75 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • Created by industry experts
  • Free Marketing resources

ADI 100

  • 100 learners
  • Full access to all resources
  • Created by industry experts
  • Free Marketing resources

MSA Members should check the MSA website to obtain the relevant discount code. 
Franchises: Over 100 learners?  Get in touch to discuss personalised options.

Supporting your nervous pupils

As an experienced ADI, you already know how to develop the driving abilities of your pupils.  Supporting them to control anxiety and nerves requires a different skill set.  With a Confident Driver membership, you will have the knowledge and psychological techniques you need.  Sign students up to your group plan so that they can access the resources and work through them at their own pace at home.  Alternatively, by becoming familiar with the techniques yourself you will be well placed to make suggestions to your pupils on areas to focus on. For example, if you notice a pupil has a tendency to be self-critical, you might suggest they look at the self-talk section and together you can agree on some new positive phrasing that you can both use during lessons.

Our e-learning courses to help your students with driving test nerves:

In addition to the techniques listed above, we have also created e-learning courses on the popular Moodle platform which is used by schools, colleges and universities across the world.  Our courses include

Driving Test Prep
driving test preparation course
Tips for nerves
tips for driving test nerves
Attention & Memory
attention, memory and learning course
About Stress 1
about stress
About Stress 2
about stress 2
Intro to Mindfulness

Read our articles or hear us speak

Kev and Tracey Field regularly give talks and presentations to driving instructors on the subject of overcoming driving nerves and worries.  We also write a monthly article in DIA's Driver Trainer journal. Find out more about us, the story behind creating Confident Drivers and our experience in the driver training industry and beyond on our About Us page.


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Are you looking for a driving instructor who specialises in nervous drivers or driving test nerves?

If you have driving anxiety or are feeling nervous and worried about your driving lessons why not book lessons with a driving instructor who partners with us.  Find a driving instructor near you who offers a subscription to Confident Drivers included in the price of their driving lessons

Learn to drive with one of the driving instructors in our directory and get free access to driving test nerves and driving anxiety solutions to transform how you feel about driving

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Search using your postcode or by zooming the map to your local area to find your nearest instructor.   

No instructor near you?

Maybe your local driving instructors have not heard about us yet.  Why not:

Share our details with your chosen instructor so they can take out a group subscription for you and their other students.

Alternatively subscribe to an individual plan for learner drivers yourself from just £10.

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