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How to support your stressed, nervous and anxious pupils 

Every ADI we speak to has at least one nervous or anxious pupil that they would like to know more about improving and supporting their self-confidence.  Or has a pupil who can drive but suffers from driving test nerves.  You know how to help them develop their driving skills but other than being patient and encouraging you can sometimes feel a bit of a loss with how else to support them.

This site is aimed at giving ADI’s more knowledge about which psychological techniques might help your stressed, nervous and anxious pupils and offering them the option to access the various resources and work through them at their own pace at home.

By becoming familiar with the techniques yourself you will be well placed to make suggestions to your pupils on areas to focus on. For example, if you notice a pupil has a tendency to be self-critical you might suggest they look at the self-talk section and together you can agree on some new positive phrasing that you can both use during lessons.

These are not a quick fix (although there is a quick fix section) and take some practice so do not be surprised when some of your pupils who would most benefit do not take a look. But for those that do the benefits can be experienced not just in their driving but also their general confidence.

Group Membership

The Group Membership plan gives you 12 months access to the different psycholgical techniques linked to confidence building

There is one page per technique with guidance, suggestions, recordings and ways to combine techniques to meet different pupils needs

You have a membership area where you can sign up 50 of your pupils so that they can access resources in their own time

You can upgrade your plan to add additional pupils if required, or you can manage your members in the membership area

You will receive a banner for your website (see below) and social media images to promote your investment in your stressed, nervous and anxious pupils and stand out from other ADI's

Free access to The MIndful ADI website, a six week mindfulness course for ADI's which mirrors the mindfulness course for pupils on this site


Coming Soon!

Would you like to know more about how confidence affects performance?

Would you like to understand more about confidence building techniques?

I will be creating a series of online workshops for ADI’s to learn more about the different techniques on the Confident Drivers site.

Rather than setting up training days or workshops where you have to give up large chunks of your time to attend and pay more to cover the cost of running it. I am setting up a series of short online workshops lasting just 15-30 minutes each, with one workshop per technique so that you can watch the ones you want, when you want, as many times as you want.

They will cover the theory behind the technique and practical suggestions for how you might incorporate it into your lessons – or encourage pupils to learn more through the website

Confident Drivers - Learn to stay calm and confident while driving

Confident Drivers - Learn to stay calm and confident while driving

 Confident Drivers - Learn to stay calm and confident while driving