Confident Driver Training for Driving Instructors and upto 100 students

Driving Instructor Group Membership

Gain 12 months access for yourself and up to 100 of your students to the confidence toolkit to help your students learn how to manage stress, nerves and anxiety and become calm and confident behind the wheel!

The starting point is working out when and what makes your students nervous or anxious – then they can start learning the technique which is going to work the best for them.

There are a bundle of techniques in the toolkit all adapted to help specifically with driving. Students do not have to try them all – they can choose the one that they are most drawn to that matches their specific need and ignore the ones that do not appeal. The toolkit currently includes:

Relaxation Techniques


Positive Self-talk

Breathing Exercises

Meridian Tapping

Hypnotherapy - Driving Confidence & Driving Test Nerves

and a Six Week Mindfulness course

Plus get free access to The Mindful ADI - a 6-week mindfulness course for ADI's

MSA members get a 50% discount! Check your member benefits for your discount code.

Duration: 1 year
Price: £66.66