Is anxiety and stress stopping you from passing your driving test?

Imagine you could drive calmly, confidently and safely wherever and whenever you want.

The good news is you can learn to calm your driving test nerves and improve your driving confidence to become a calmer, safer and confident driver

Our membership plans provide the support and techniques you need to manage stress, control your nerves and learn the skills you need to be a calm and confident driver.

Confident Drivers offers group membership plans for Approved Driving Instructors and their pupils and individual plans for Independent learners and drivers.

Driving lesson confidence

ADI Group Plans

ADIs can subscribe to a group plan and add learners FREE of charge. Plans available for 50, 75 & 100 learners

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Individual Plans

Individual Learners and Drivers can choose between a monthly or annual plan and access the full range of resources

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Key Benefits:
* Learn how to manage driving stress and calm nerves
*Created specifically for nervous and learner drivers
*Proven confidence building techniques 
* Pick and mix approach - choose what suits you best
* One page per technique including theory and guided audios/videos
*Created by leading industry experts 
* Learn transferable life skills

Confident Drivers provides resources, support and techniques to reduce stress and calm driving test nerves. Techniques have been specifically selected for anxiety and nerves by a qualified professional therapist. You will get more confidence and control during driving lessons and become a safer confident driver.

You will get a selection of exercises, audio and video files in a variety of techniques, allowing you to trial and choose the ones that work best for you.

One size does not fit all - you will have access to relaxation, imagery, breathing exercises, TFT Meridian tapping and more.

Our hypnotherapy audios are specifically tailored for Driving Confidence and Driving Test Nerves.

You will also get a SIX week Introduction to Mindfulness course - learning skills you can use in stressful situations throughout your life.

Learn new skills to become a confident driver in just a few minutes a day!
Starting from just £10 a month!

Choose one or both of our FREE tools to help you become a more confident driver

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Download our driving test coaching wheel and put a plan in place to pass your driving test!

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Get 5 days of email hints, tips, videos and advice to help you overcome driving test nerves!

If you have your driving test coming up soon make sure you read our Ultimate Guide to Driving Test Nerves

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Would you like some 1-to-1 help?

Book a call with Tracey at Confident Drivers to discuss your current driving situation, what is happening and how it is impacting on your driving or driving lessons.  Tracey is trained in a variety of stress management techniques as well as being a mindfulness teacher.  Before your one-to-one session we will email you some questions to answer in advance so that you can get the most out of your session to help identify which techniques and strategies are likely to be most useful for you and your situation.
If the times do not suit you please get in touch to arrange an alternative!

Call duration: 30 mins
Price:  £30

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Read what others say about how a subscription has helped them improve driving confidence:

driving confidence review Emma

Emma Woodbridge

Learner Driver

It's great to have a website offering fantastic techniques to assist with the challenges of driving. The website recognises the fact that learning to drive can be stressful and there are strategies to help with this. The website's name, 'CONFIDENT Drivers' is what a learner is aspiring to be, so it's very positive. The techniques also apply to building general confidence in all walks of life, so useful again. Thank you!

driving instructor review Chris Barker

Chris Barker

Driving Skills Academy

Confident Drivers provide an excellent service to both Learners and Driving Instructors. 

My learners have enjoyed the wealth of information and techniques to help them feel confident when driving or taking their driving test. I am seeing some really positive results in the learners that have used these resources.

driving confidence review Sinead

Sinead Verdon

Learner Driver

Confident drivers has been a really useful tool in changing my attitude to the driving test. I hadn't recognised just how much my negative thoughts about my ability rather than my actual driving ability have been holding me back and putting me off. I particularly liked the quick fix section that gives you strategies to calm down just before the test!

driving instructor review Ian Davis

Ian Davis

Ian Davis Driver Training

I have been using the Confident Drivers website for a year now. 

It is my go to place of ADI reference when I am assisting a more nervous / anxious client /stressed during their learning to drive journey or test day nerves.  The coaching wheel is my favourite coaching tool, my clients love watching their wheel evolve. 

Read more of our great reviews about on Trustpilot

Become a Confident Driver

Road safety research shows that many qualified drivers are still nervous in certain driving situations.
It also shows that driver behaviour is the biggest contributing factor in 95% of road incidents.
Recognising and understanding how your personality, thoughts, emotions, values, beliefs and perceptions about other road users might impact your own driver behaviour can help you to be more self-aware and allow you to modify your behaviour and become a safer, confident driver. This is a theme throughout the resources as it is now best practice in driving education (Goals for Driving Education Matrix).
Learning to manage driving stress or calm driving nerves and related thoughts and emotions is another way to change your driving behaviour.

We have brought together 8 techniques to help you learn to become a confident driver, however, they are not a quick fix! They will take a few minutes of time commitment from you each day as you learn, practice and develop your confidence skills, BUT they will be worth it and these life skills are transferable into other areas of your life that you feel nervous or lack confidence.

The starting point is working out when and what makes you nervous or anxious while driving – then you can start learning the technique which is going to work the best for you. The proven techniques on the website are used by sports and business psychologists as well as by coaches, counsellors and other talking therapists.

The exercises and audios on the website have all been created to help specifically with driving nerves and driving confidence. You do not have to try them all – choose the one that you are most drawn to that matches your specific need and ignore the ones that do not appeal. There is also information about the techniques and how they develop you to become a confident driver. You can share this with your driving instructor or family and friends so that they are aware of how they can help you too!

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